In recent months there has been an explosion of new silicone smoking products hitting the market. Just make sure you drain the bong water first! Pretty much any pipe that has been made of glass is now being made of silicone. Stash it away easily with its own rubber band! Standard bongs are fine, but if you want to take your smoking to the next level, you have to invest in a perc bong. Essentially, matrix percs are stacked showerhead percs. Silicone bongs do have some advantages over glass bongs. Percolator Bongs. Mini Assemble Silicone Bong Glass Shower Head percolator Easy clean Dab Rigs with 4mm quartz banger silicone pipe mini glass bongs. You’ll also find a metal inner stem which carries smoke to the water in the bong’s chamber. These bubbles greatly increase the surface area over which smoke travels within the bong,...Read more. As another bonus, honeycomb percolators are easy to stack or use in combination with other percs. They can be squished, squeezed, and stuffed away without any concern for breaking them. A Percolator bong is one level up from the trusted bubbler bong and contain filtration devices called percolators that help filter and cool the smoke for a smoother rip. Silicone bongs are supremely portable. Silicone bongs are a fairly modern innovation that has been seriously growing in popularity due to the fact that they're mega durable! More holes mean more bubbles and slightly better filtration. Tree percs are some of the very first percolators. All products on this site are for tobacco use only. Silicone Beaker Base Bong, PieceMaker Kermit Silicone Straight Tube Ice Bong, PieceMaker Kirby Beaker Base Silicone Bong. They now contain percolators that help to filter your smoke with water. This break resistance silicone water pipe makes it easy for you to take with you anymore. In this article, we will compare Acrylic Bongs vs. Glass Bongs vs. Silicone Bongs vs. Our unbreakable silicone bongs are BPA free, non toxic, 100% FDA approved food grade silicone. All Rights Reserved. The silicone beaker bong is 12" tall & heat resistant to 500ºF. What countries can the silicone bong be shipped to?Â, PieceMaker Kali Silicone Beaker Base Bong, PieceMaker Kali Go! This 10" Percolator Bong by Diamond Glass is a classic perc brought to life by stark coloring. Offering an extensive line of smoking accessories including pipes, grinders, rolling trays, dab rigs, bongs, and vaporizers. Percolator bongs offer the smoothest, coolest hits possible by filtering smoke before it reaches your lungs. This cobalt blue glass beaker bong features an 8-arm tree percolator for an extra layer of water filtration. CAD $7.33 - 19.52 / Piece. If you like to keep your bong water hidden, while still seeing all the action in your perc, you'll love this piece. Made in the USA with medical grade silicone, Roll Uh Bowl is going to be your new best travel companion. By entering this website, you certify that you are of legal smoking age in the state in which you reside, Matrix Straight Shot Waterpipe by Diamond Glass, Stemless Showerhead Waterpipe By Diamond Glass, 10" Showerhead to Tree Perc Bong by Bougie, Double Matrix Water Pipe By Diamond Glass, 18” Showerhead Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass, Pink Percolator Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass, Beaker Bong with 8-arm Percolator by Diamond Glass - EXTRA THICK. Instead of simply being filtered through water like a plain bong, percolator bongs feature additions called percolators or “percs” for short, which diffuse your smoke into hundreds of tiny bubbles. Follow this link for more information. 5.9" Assemble Silicone Bong Glass Shower Head percolator Easy clean Dab Rigs with 4mm quartz banger silicone pipe mini glass bongs. Silicone bongs, dab rigs, and pipes! Whatever you need, we have it stocked with our ever-growing collection of percolator bongs. Naturally, we wouldn’t want you starting a fire. Here at, we feature a large collection of affordable bongs that will cost you less than $100 even $50. This thick glass bong by Diamond Glass has some of the nicest honeycomb discs we have ever seen. They work by forming tiny bubbles as the smoke passes through, which gives the water more surface area to interact with the smoke. This beautiful flask shaped Mini Bong by Diamond Glass stands at 9 inches and features a widened tube that holds a slitted showerhead percolator fo... Wow this piece has got some serious weight to it! This makes cleaning your silicone bong easier than glass. This a great scientific piece with its clean, low-maintenance design and powerful diffusion. Not cleaning your percolator will result in less smooth hits. A splashguard prevents bong water in the mouth. The matrix percolator is found in the base of the bong, and the gridded showerhead is in the upper chamber. Silicone bongs and silicone dab rigs bring together the best of all worlds: Filtrated inhales on the go and on the down low. Alright Stoners, it is finally time to compare every type of bong in order to figure out what is the best type of bong on the market. Bong Design 07. Percolator . Percolators come in many shapes and sizes, however. are supremely portable. Just make sure you drain the bong water first! Sure, if you go with a cheap one, a high-quality ceramic or silicone bong may be able to outperform it in terms of smoothness and hit quality. The Stemless Showerhead Waterpipe by Diamond Glass is a very compact and functional daily use piece. You do not need to watch the flame every second.Â, In the end the silicone bong is more affordable than glass bongs.Â, A silicone bong works just like any other bong. The following dab rigs are the best and most popular from our collection. Ooze makes the best vaporizer pen on the market. This Diamond Glass beaker bong features teal colored glass and a beautiful 8-arm tree percolator. The Triple Percolator Bong features three laser cut tree percolators for a smooth hit with zero drag. Get the best deals for bongs at Luckily, at Everything For 420 we have a wide variety of percolator bongs for any preference, at the best prices available. Hit the trails, slopes, beach or wherever adventure may take you. The 6 Arm Tree Perc Bong by Boss Glass is a marvel to look at with incredible functionality. The double spiral is a big part of what makes this one of the best percolator bongs … The Triple Showerhead Bong by Diamond Glass features three precision cut showerhead percolators for a 3x filtered hit with no drag. Transit times can vary for our products. A percolator bong might be perfect for you. Definitely one of the best one footers that we h... At first glance this rig looks straight-forward, but little details throughout really give it personality. It features extra volume in the chamber; the hits come nice and easy. The most popular are silicone hand pipes, and bongs. Featuring 3 insanely identical and symmetrical matrix percolators with... (877)-885-8836Monday-Saturday:  9am-7pm PST. Some are also dishwasher safe!Â, Silicone has a high resistance to heat. This 12" percolator bong is the latest from Diamond and we couldn't be more excited. While not the prettiest perc, showerhead bongs are as dependable as they come. Matrix bongs look cool, and their bubble display is mesmerizing, but these percolators are notoriously difficult to clean. This piece offers awesome performance at the right price for any budget. When you’re not satisfied with the bubbler, it’s possible to return your order within 4 business days. Silicone Bongs Percolators Perc Removable Straight Water Pipes honey comb bong Smoking Bong With Glass Bowl Mini Bongs With Quartz Banger US $5.23 - 15.65 / Set US $5.23 - 15.65 / Set These percolators combine to giver the users a very bubbly hit with an easy pull. The honeycomb to turbine by Diamond is a thick, and durable bong. Slitted inline percs are simple, common percolators found in all but the most basic bongs. Follow Us. The Circ Waterpipe features a nice wide body with a perfectly angled mouth. This awesome bong runs like a well-oiled machine, kicking out thousands of smooth, even bubbles from nine individual gear percolators. This allows you to clear the tube quickly and easily without any worries of pulling out the downstem. With your unbreakable bong, you can smoke anywhere and anytime. You must be at least 21 years of age to view or purchase from this site. This 6-arm tree perc beaker bong from Boss Glass is clean. We've got you covered! Made from powdery-smooth material that can fold every which way and take major heat, silicone bongs and oil rigs can be taken from the smallest room to the highest mountain. Percolator Design 01 ... Silicone Bong Stock Code: 12024 . The honeycomb tornado perc bong from Diamond Glass is a unique and perfect mixture of disc percs. Perc Bongs. The Heisman comes with an 18mm female joint and an 18mm male bowl. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Diamond glass has definitely got the ... Elevate your smoking experience with this beautiful 15 inch Matrix Straight Shot Water Pipe by Diamond Glass. Honeycomb bongs are still one of the best percolator bongs as they provide excellent filtration without adding any drag. Instead of simply being filtered through water like a plain bong, percolator bongs feature additions called percolators or “percs” for short, which diffuse your smoke into hundreds of tiny bubbles. The 18 inch beaker is an absolute classic. Showerhead percolators are a popular choice for their durability, power, and relatively easy maintenance. This thick matrix perc bong provides all of the durability and reliability you look for in a bog and much, much more. This elegant water pipe by diamond features effortless diffusion and a quick clearing tube. Standing at a 10 inches, this little perc bong fits conveniently in any small storage space for convenience and discretion. Bongs & Percolators. It’s a fragile part of the perc bong. A percolator bong (also known as a "perc") takes filtration a step further to create the smoothest hits of all. Liberty Midlands Mall. This is the perfect modified straight tube bong for anyone who loves a good straight shooter. These bubbles greatly increase the surface area over which smoke travels within the bong,... Read more. That way you can be sure you’re smoking nothing but your herb! Because you can fold your bong and travel anywhere.Â, The silicone is non-polar and therefore the resin less likely to stick. The Eyce silicone beaker bong is remarkable. Eyce has a pretty epic product: an indestructible silicone bong. Enjoy silky smooth rips as your smoke passes through one or more percolators and produces a cool, filtered result your lungs will love. W... To start with, this double perc bong from Diamond Glass is stacked with some of the most insane showerhead percolators we have ever seen. Most silicone smoking devices have some non-silicone components, the most common being down-stems and bowl-pieces. Despite its common name, this 14 inch 3 chamber bong is anything but simple. Trailer Park Boys Silibong. Pick up an eye-catching pumpkin bong, or a tie-dye inspired silicone showpiece. We are guessing you are in United States. Percolator bongs offer the smoothest, coolest hits possible by filtering smoke before it reaches your lungs. Silicone bongs are versatile enough to take a hit when accidentally dropped or passed around a party, without losing the performance of a conventional bong.. Silicone bongs are made from 100% BPA-free, food grade silicone, making them indestructible and flexible. Not only are they affordable all on their own, but think of the saving from all the glass replacements you’d need with a more conventional bong.Â. Bong Design 05. Featuring a dome with slitted arms hanging underneath, tree percs look great in and out of action. But, there are tons of bongs for under $100 that come with percolators, diffused downstems, ice catches, and even more zany glass creations to make your smoking experience as smooth as possible. These bongs and pipes are made from Medical Grade Silicone providing a safe and sturdy alternative to glass bongs, pipes, or dab rigs. These bongs can come in various shapes, sizes, heights, colors, and designs, but they all have one thing in common: they all feature some kind of percolator. © 2020 is a part of High Tide Inc. Company. Strong Silicone bongs and water pipes are designed with the adventurous cannabis user in mind. All bubblers can be shipped to a large amount of countries, including US, Canada, Europe and the UK. Everything from silicone bongs and dab rigs to silicone nectar collectors and hand pipes. Silicone bongs, water pipes & dry pipes are the best sellers at Aqua Lab Technologies. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! We have various popular styles and percolators to choose from. This triple honeycomb bong is an amazing and compact piece anyone can enjoy. The perfect bong for the clumsy smoker, or anyone who just can’t live without a bong on hand.Â, Those haphazard smokers can have some real coin when they purchase an unbreakable bong. Check out our silicone dab rigs and water pipes to find the silicone smoking implement perfectly attuned to your tastes. Buy a percolator bong near me. We’ve even got a few themed silicone bongs which take advantage of the creative flexibility of silicone. Light up the herbs or tobacco and inhale the smoke. Want a water pipe that just looks really cool with its detailed features? The perfect size for a quick hitting, low maintenance bong. It's happened to the best of us – you're enjoying a smoke with friends and the minute someone's high, they knock over that beautiful glass bong of yours. This is one stunning scientific piece that begs to be smoked and is sure to turn heads. Percolator Bongs, aka Perc Bongs, as the name indicates, features one, double, triple or even multiple percolators inside the bong for filtration and cooling down the temperature of the smoke or vapor for perfect hits!. Nearly indestructible and available in a variety of fun colors silicone … Looking for cheap bongs to buy online? This 10.5" tall mini baseball bat bong wont hit dingers but it will give you quality hits. Bong Design 08. This double tree perc bong stands 15 inches tall and delivers twice filtered smoke for an easy rip every time. The Tree Perc Beaker Bong by Bougie Glass sits on a larger 5 inch base and stands over a foot at 14.5 inches. The Honeycomb Tree Perc Bong is the perfect combination of design, function, and style. Bong Design 03 Bong Design 04. If you find your glass bongs ar This double spiral percolator bong is not only stunning to look at, it’s also awesomely functional. Cheap bongs don't necessarily mean low-quality bongs. Tree Percolators. Learning how to clean a silicone bong is about as hard as figuring out how to work a machine. Tree percolators are fairly simple. When you're itching for the biggest and baddest glass, the Double Matrix Water Pipe is the fix you need. Bong Design 06. The smoke will first enter the chamber with water, which smooths the hit.Â. Earn points and access exclusive rewards with Grasscity. The 18 inch bougie beaker bong is as thick as it gets with 9mm thick glass tubing and an electrifying light blue accented mouth. This design makes sure the silicone never gets in contact with much heat. The Pink Percolator bong may look awesome, but its true "wow factor" is their function. Even comes with a stash jar as well as a metal poker tool. Trailer Park Boys Silibongs let you rep your favorite comedy show while … Check out our unbreakable bongs and latest deals today. Instead of creating bubbles, turbine percs direct water into an actual cyclone. Instead of simply being filtered through water like a plain bong, percolator bongs feature additions called percolators or “percs” for short, which diffuse your smoke into hundreds of tiny bubbles. Buy cheap glass, silicone bongs online, free shipping for … Not only does it make it easier to clean but rubber products are known to be bendable, collapsible and indestructible. Pretty in pink, this large bong sports a subtle rose hue and a rounded, feminine shape. Looking to class your sessions up with some sophisticated glass? The key benefit of using a silicone bong is they’re lightweight and ideal for travel. Fun to hold (and even more fun to smoke from,) silicone bongs are available in straight tube and beaker base styles. Consider it the most portable silicone bong or dab rig you’ve had. Returns are only accepted when the silicone bong isn’t used.Â. Ceramic Bongs. Starting from the top, the flared mouthpiece better f... Frugal smokers rejoice, we've got the perfect bong for you! At, you'll find honeycomb bongs, showerhead bongs, matrix bongs, and even novelty percolator bongs. Those glass bongs that feature multiple percolators can get dirty very fast and hard to clean, that's why you'll need a 14mm ash catcher to prolong your favorite bong's … All silicone pipes for sale on SMOKEA® are food-grade silicone so you can rest assured your pipe is made with the highest standards - beware of fake knockoffs that may include non-food-grade materials and may be unhealthy to use. The 6mm thick beaker bong by Diamond Glass features a matrix percolator that is made to blast bubbles out for a smooth smoke. They can be squished, squeezed, and stuffed away without any concern for breaking them. The 10 inch beaker bong by Diamond is the ultimate daily use type of bong. which take advantage of the creative flexibility of silicone. Beautiful to look at, honeycomb percolators are thin discs with dozens of honeycomb-shaped holes. Although fragile and difficult to clean, tree perc bongs offer even, drag-free diffusion that also helps reduce splash. Or just go ahead and buy a silicone bong right now!Â, Our silicone bongs are made from 100% BPA-free food grade silicone. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We haven’t restricted the possibilities of silicone to bongs alone, either. With so many holes, smoke breaks into thousands of tiny, uniform bubbles. Put your herbs or tobacco in the small bowl and fill the chamber with water. You will find the best dab rig for your needs in this collection. As already mentioned these bongs are perfect for the clumsy smoker. You must be 21 years or older to use this website. Pick up an eye-catching pumpkin bong, or a tie-dye inspired silicone showpiece. Roll Uh Bowl is the go-anywhere foldable portable silicone water pipe for the outdoor enthusiast! If you're looking for a real head-turner, turbine percolators are the answer. It might sound a bit overwhelming, but by the end of this article, you will have a complete understanding of each type of bong, and the pros and cons of each. Here we have a classic 16" beaker bong with a flawless tree percolator with really good thickness. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Bong Percolators. Best Percolator Bong for Sub-Zero Chilled Toking: Boo Glass Double Percolator Bong with Glycerin … Percolators function by creating tiny bubbles to increase surface area to the smoke - resulting in a cleaner smoother hit. CAD $8.94 - 18.54 / Piece. The double honeycomb bong is an instant classic. The Simple Beaker is just that, simplicity at its finest. A silicone bong works just like any other bong. Offering the best vaporizer pens, portable vaporizers, vape pen battery, dab pens, wax pens, and vaping accessories. The double chamber bong by Bougie Glass features two stacked percolators for a quick clean hit that is smooth and flavorful. Silicone bongs are light, small, and last for a very long time. The water chamber of this bong ... Short and sweet, this little bubbler bong from Bougie Glass features two insane tree percs for a double layer of filtration in a 9 inch package. Instead of having to dislodge resin or spend money on isopropyl alcohol, you can clean your silicone bong in the dishwasher. Silicone bongs have gotten very intricate with their features. This towering sky blue bong is sure to do the trick. Bong Design 01. Our silicone comes from BPA-free, food grade material. All of these benefits make silicone last much longer than any other type of bong … All that moving water helps to actively cool smoke while it's in the chamber. The 14mm male/female bongs are the most common on the market, most beaker bongs feature a 14mm joint. Check out the Mega Double Showerhead Bong By Maverick Glass. Put your herbs or tobacco in the small bowl and fill the chamber with water. The percolator bong is similar to the regular bong, the only exception is the percolator. Percolator bongs offer the smoothest, coolest hits possible by filtering smoke before it reaches your lungs. Within the tube of the bong, there is a collection … Eyce silicone bongs are the best unbreakable bongs on the internet. You and your friends will love watching the water swirl like a tornado when you use a cyclone bong. That’s why all of our silicone bongs are equipped with glass or metal bowls. Want to take monster hits without killing your throat in the process? These bubbles greatly increase the surface area over which smoke travels within the bong, giving it more time to cool and filter out impurities. Choose from best sellers by Diamond Glass, DankGeek, Sesh Supply, Empire Glassworks, and … The result is a cleaner, healthier toke with a difference you can taste. Imagine having a flexible, squeezable, virtually indestructible bong. Bongs with additional, more complicated percolation systems often start with a diffused downstem. Silicone dab containers come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and shapes but they all accomplish the same thing. Percolators come in many different types and shapes for different purposes. Bong Design 02. Put your herbs or tobacco in the small bowl and fill the chamber with water. These perc bongs will deliver the smoothest hit you've ever tasted. We carry perc bongs of all kinds such as honeycomb percs, tree percs, inline percs, and dozens of other unique and incredibly functional percolators. The best thing about honeycomb perc is that it is very low maintenance, and usually does not require a downstem.

silicone bong with percolators

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