Knocking them out or tranquilizing them won't work. They were good, and I trusted them. Country? Or rather, so that little world we knew could continue. Skull Face: My village had an oilseed field and a fine factory. …All of you, grab him, now! Chico: There are some cages to the east of a big building. It was not a proper match by any means - the pitch was not even regulation size - but the players and spectators alike got pretty excited. I just want to get away. [He tightens his grip.] But if you lose, you have to let me go. It might not run at full speed or power, but I do not have time to fix that. Predictably, many of the soldiers here are fans. ...He bought my story, and when I said I would be willing to work, he took pity on me and let me stay. We’ll Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the biggest open world action-adventure game in The Metal Gear franchise. We all fight for ourselves. Quite a complicated process for home-cooking. This is our chance. And I have one last use for you. Don't die. Tell you what, I’ll even the odds for you. Info Tapes are important recordings in a cassette that are acquired in Metal Gear Solid V by completing various missions. Kaz: All right. last few hours. BB: Okay, no point standing around. BB: They had weapons. Snake's new objective in Costa Rica is to prevent that. And you’re out of grenades. BB: But pain doesn’t kill you. Cipher's holding me on a military base in Cuba... Ricardo "Chico" Valenciano Libre: ...Paz is here, too. I wonder if that is what makes Big Boss so popular. Your boss and I go way back. Anyway, today that nasty habit got him in trouble. Interrogators Kaz: This is a whole new ball game. Along with them. [Kaz charges at BB, fails.] to learn about intelligence work. BB: There you go! Fancy meeting you here." C-Came because my place, my place is on the the medulla. "Maybe this'll teach you!" I guess I can’t convince you right away. [Soldiers come charging.] Kazuhira Miller: The truth – what else? Don't forget, they're not human. They grow I have to accomplish something. around. "Hey, as long as we're having a day of peace, we ought to get an act together - The Three Peace Band!" That way my head stays Privatized militaries will shape world affairs and the economy, and I will be But somehow I got the sense that for all his womanizing, Miller really only trusted one person, and that was Snake. Growing up means choosing how you're going to live your life. Some things are unavoidable, but… don’t take a life if you 2.62 seconds. Even the smallest deviation would have done it. We can use the media to prove to the world we don't have a nuke. As I see it, it is her own fault for letting herself be deceived like that. Despite the heat, she was in her usual long sleeves and pants. He was stationed in that prison camp before being sent to Laos. She squirted some lotion onto her fingers and began rubbing it into my chest. Time to make your choice. But the IAEA can only do inspections in countries that are party to the NPT. While we waited, Amanda shared memories of her mother with us. BB: You have a dream? Or else he will have to kill me. Chico: You heard me. Kaz: When did you – ! Signs of human activity Skull Face: She looks weak. I must complete my mission... How did it come to this... All I wanted was three more days, just three... Miller's already finished writing the song. The letter was Chico: It's dark, but there are soldiers everywhere. Do you see me now? Going over for a look, I saw they were feeding a kitten. Get Chico and Paz outta there. heard.] like a slave driver. Zadornov posed as my professor, but Big Boss took one look and knew he was KGB. Big Boss'[s] leadership and charisma and Miller's business acumen drive this impressive growth. "Wha-? now. You got members of FSLN rubbing shoulders with the UCLAs. The Intel Unit has started reconning the area. The factory was bombed. The less ZEKE-related staff here the better. Isn't that right? He ran without even questioning what I was doing. [BB lights himself a cigar.]. Without ZEKE, I do not have a chance in hell of winning. So it's bound to be a small inspection team, and they won't be here that long. But the guard told me, “Try to There's gotta be a clue somewhere. I remember it like it was yesterday. Or you want to do your hara-kiri for real It a dangerous gambit. But it’s nearly sundown. "Not bad," said Snake, smiling. I didn't know what to say. then dropped his pants and mooned everybody. Will he tell them? I nodded silently, unable to refuse. There’s a guard assigned to watch me, but he lets me move around the It is not easy to get alcohol on a fortress in the middle of the ocean. Is it bad that I do this? To interrogate me? Soldier: We heard from the advance team – everything's right on schedule. I've never known choice. My gun! The world you were born into is made to save you. Without the slightest chance or reason left to them, humans are capable of hope. about. Guide by Eurogamer staff , Contributor BB: Now, are you going to join me? BB: But you’ve got an eye for talent, I’ll give you that. BB: I’m holding you to that. They were utilizing every technique they knew. The last photo's missing? No one suspects me of being the one to let Zadornov out of his cell. I know I am only delaying the inevitable. Here, I'll show you..." He began to take off his pants, so I threw my tissue box at him to make him go away. air.] Turn right! But she betrayed us. Soldier: Enough. There are some cages to the east of a big building. It almost felt like Carnival. Mmm… Tasty! Chico: I made it ashore. Forget about this place, samurai. He tried to act nonchalant, but I'm pretty sure he's got a crush on me. Skull Face: Those "spies" reported well. Miller seemed a little protective of me. However, the yellow ones are … An easy was to get this is to simply stay in the truck that you begin the mission in until it has reached its destination at the Administration Building.Classified Intel Data: Classified Intel Aquisition Side-Op, when you go to retrieve the Agent's Recording, notice the camera in the room with the tape before you enter. PAZ: Mother Base has developed rapidly since being established in the Caribbean Sea. I asked, trying to cut the conversation short. Kazuhira Miller: What? Chico: Snake, it's Chico. Remember what I said? And you have ten fingernails, ten toenails. None of them understand. The final moment is yours. You can bet on it. Except maybe snakes, and I There's no other way. It's part of British Overseas Territory that falls outside of Cypriot jurisdiction. Yes, that's right. What better proof she's a... real woman. BB: You’re in a makeshift camp set up by the government. Skull Face: Hmpf. Every day my friends and I would see our parents at work in that factory. Skull Face: She's going back to your boss. Kazuhira Miller: Hm? But don't lose hope. He had a chance to stop Paz from hijacking ZEKE, and he blew it. "I thought we had forsaken our countries, become one with the earth," he said, quoting Snake. You've known the pain of ages. Dr. Strangelove's departure came at a perfect time. But you'll be the one in the field. here can be very unpleasant. They're involved with the creation of that black site... And that is why the Pentagon chose us. Chico thinks we've abandoned Paz. [He tosses the diaper to him.]. "We're not competing for national pride here. asked them to leave their group and follow me, how many of them would have done Big Boss: Don't get the wrong idea. You can take a look at (data1 need to be extracted) \master\data1\Assets\tpp\ui\Subtitles\subp\EngVoice\EngText\tape.subp for subtitle file of all cassette tapes in the game. I have never done anything like this, but it does feel kind of nice to know that people are looking forward to it. When I win, and I’m free… I’m going to tell the rebels you’re the Obtained cassette tape at OKB Zero When you climb to the top of the silo, instead of going straight to the helipad, go left and find the elevator. When the frijoles were ready, we drained the water, stir-frying them with the rest of the vegetables. But this was something else. It is given to Snake by Chico after he rescues him from his cell and brings him to the cliffside cave. Join me and I’ll throw in a full pardon – forget the whole Zadornov was paying my room, board, and tuition, but he has since been captured. And I will be compensated appropriately. They had a guard posted so I got outta there. I’ll even call you “Boss.”. What about the Sandinistas? I'm not here to find playmates. BB: [Relenting sigh.] There's another way out. Huey, the referee, blew a whistle to start the match. This is the kind of woman you'll want to avoid. Skull Face: You shall not see triumph. BB: Bring it on. Stab me! Soldier: Stand by! In any case, one can never be too careful. Please, Paz. I'll monitor the situation and offer guidance from here. They welcomed us warmly. But she shook her head violently. KonamiStyle has posted a photo of the cassette tape that comes with the Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid V’s upcoming soundtrack CD, The Lost Tapes. Watch out when you grow up, boy. Kaz: You’ve heard about those…? I wouldn't mind looking the other way if he did come for you. Kazuhira Miller: My guess is they're trying to corroborate Paz's leak. You knew about this little fishing hole, hm? looks proud about it. Big Boss: Has the media gotten wind of this? Then he said, "Fighting is the only thing I understand. Kaz: Hey! The first recoverable music cassette in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is given to players for completing the Prologue. lying on the ground to … BB: That’s right. He does not bother me, most likely because he considers teenagers off limits. It was harmless enough until, to my irritation, she began pestering me whether there was anybody I "liked." I know how you feel. Seize as many weapons as we can carry. To him, this means betraying his country. Lots of choppers coming and going. BB: So that shout was their cue? It is a simple, home-cooked dish consisting of black frijoles mixed with arroz. This way is... much simpler. Kaz: A soldier eats what he can, when he can. The mission can wait until after that, can it not? Let me go! Kazuhira Miller: That the problem's how to hide the nuke and Metal Gear. Chico, on the other hand, we have to bring back – fast. Then she offered to put some on for me. I have no country, no language, I have no face, but I haven't lost my skull.