25mm birch laminate faced ply plywood properties. Keeps its properties through a temperature range of -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F) Attractive wood texture Easy handling SVEZA — 100% BIRCH PLYWOOD of wood boards annually sizes and thicknesses birch veneer purchasing countries mills. Manufactured from a dense timber species Birch Plywood is a high quality, multi-ply hardwood panel, offering consistent strength, fine grain texture and ease of finishing. Birch Plywood is a superior quality hardwood plywood made up of multiple veneers to increase its structural stability while offering a high quality face finish. Lasering produces precise, smooth, crack free cut edges. The wear face has a smooth wire mesh pattern; the reverse normally is smooth. Plywood Categories: Wood and Natural Products; Wood. 2002, Aydın and Çolakoğlu 2008). Total Revenue: US$50 Million - US$100 Million. BirchPly Plywood Technical Properties Technical specifications Waterproofness Normal, no delamination in 72 hours boiling. BIRCH PLYWOOD. Baltic birch plywood is primarily produced in Finland and Russia. The high quality, grain and stability characteristics of Birch Plywood create an aesthetic appearance to any project. The company’s robust FSC ® Chain of Custody management system ensures that this certification is respected and adhered to throughout the supply chain. Riga Smooth Mesh. Laserable Poplar Plywood is extremely versatile, durable and environmentally friendly. WISA-Birch is a multipurpose high quality product for various applications where excellent strength is essential. It is mush flatter and stronger the MDF giving it excellent rigidity whilst maintaining the look of wood. PROPERTIES . The requirements for the grades of bonded joints are enacted by European the Standard (EN) [3,4]. It is used widely in construction and other precision engineering applications. Explore the iPack website. Birch Plywood is the perfect wood for many uses including outdoors. Birch plywood overlaid with a film on both faces. Material Notes: Plywood is made of several thin layers, or 'plies' that are laminated together. Physical Properties: Baltic birch varies in thickness and contains an odd number of plies. Birch is a hard, close-grained wood that is resistant to warping in changing climatic conditions. This post is part of Plyco’s guide to Marine Plywood. Check out our Branch Locator to see if your local branch can cut your boards to size. In 2019, our environmental impact is a crucial issue. Koskisen delivered balcony elements and a plafond measuring 16 metres in diameter to a concert hall to be built in Katowice, Poland. Frequent … Continue reading Birch – Laser Plywood Properties. Top Properties of Birch Plywood. Our birch ply is supper flat and eco-friendly, meet E0, E1, CARB P2 . Birch throughout Plywood ideal for machining, routing and cutting for internal applications. Properties. Riga® Form and Riga® Poliform birch plywood with excellent mechanical properties and strength to weight ratio, designed to fulfil demanding concrete construction design and requirements. It is an exceptionally durable panel that has excellent strength properties. The studied properties were and BSMOE, determined according to the grain orientation of the firstveneer. It has been used for marine and aviation applications since WWII. Its light, smooth and even surface offers an optimal base for different overlaying methods. 4 SVEZA INTERIOR BIRCH PLYWOOD. Birch plywood overlaid with a film on both faces. Subzero conditions do not affect the dimensional or strength properties of plywood, making some special applications possible. The use of Interior Glue mitigates the risk of scorching when cutting with a laser. The layer structure leads to more uniform properties than solid wood, since the effects of grain anisotropy are minimized. The hardwood plywood panels are sanded on both sides and their surface is smooth, hard and durable. To find out more and purchase our plywood sheets please call us on 1300 TROTEC or email sales@troteclaser.com.au Top 3 Markets: Southeast Asia 15%, South America 10%, Mid East 10%. Appearance: Valued for its appealing light color, Baltic birch plywood features a uniform grain, smooth texture and outstanding durability. “Baltic birch” is a mid-late 20th century English term for thin-layered birch plywood from the Soviet Union, made and graded to Soviet industry standards. Awareness of the influence we are having on the world around us is at an all-time high, and as a result, more and more people are becoming conscious of the effect they have on the planet. Finnish birch is an ideal solution for the interior of concert halls both in terms of acoustic and visual properties. 88% of Hanson Plywood’s Birch Plywood is sourced from well-managed, FSC ® Certified forest management units (10% is sourced from PEFC™ certified sources).. This product is easy to handle and adds to a wide range of applications in the joinery and furniture industry. The surface of KoskiFlex is also easy to treat like any other wood surface;. It can be bent to many different shapes making it extremely suitable for applications such as lamps and pieces of furniture which require structural integrity, bending strength and flexibility. Main Products: Film faced plywood,furniture plywood,commmercial plywod,PVC gysum ceiling tiles. Because of its unique properties KoskiFlex thin plywood is suitable for application demanding a beautiful wood appearance such as interior design elements, lamps and jewellery. Riga® Form and Riga® Poliform for: good visual finish high number of reuses 2. Phenolic resin cross-bonded weather resistant glueing according to EN 314-2/class 3 (DIN 68705 Teil 3: BFU 100; BS 6566 Part 8: WBP). In practice, the thermal deformation of birch plywood is so small, that it can generally be disregarded. WISA-Birch plywood is used e.g. Machining. Metsä Wood's Birch is made of cross-bonded 1.4 mm thick birch veneers. Our product is the B/BB grade, so has one excellent surface and surface that will show knots. Birch plywood is increasingly used in more varied industries and for more varied applications so those who are not familiar with the woodworking industry are especially in need of information about its properties, application and conformity to international standards. Bonding. Russian Birch is light in colour and has a beautiful grain pattern. BIRCH PLYWOOD Premier sources its Birch plywood from Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Higher grades or stricter QC on export batches seems likely, since the product got far more love and respect among foreign users than within the USSR itself. Among these factors, the density of the wood has the greatest effect of the properties of the plywood (Özen 1981, Örs et al. Physical Properties of Baltic Birch Plywood. 4. mechanical properties of birch plywood, which are classified as follows: OP – grade I, MRP – grade II and WRP – grade III. View our full pack stock online and generate quotes to pass to your customers. Country/Region: China. KoskiPly Birch is flexible, strong, cross-banded thin plywood, made from thin birch veneers throughout and faced with a joint-free birch veneer. it can be waxed, painted, oiled or lacquered or it can simply be left untreated so that the birch veneer’s natural beauty comes to the fore. Valued for its appealing light color, Baltic birch plywood features a uniform grain, smooth texture and outstanding durability. in furniture, transportation, construction and joinery industries. Plywood is also used as an engineering material for stressed-skin applications. Birch plywood maintains its dimensions and strength at various conditions. Fig. Appearance: Straight grained with a fine even texture. Most birch is straight-grained, although the straightness of the grain is dependent to some extent on the growing conditions of the individual tree. Its hardwood core, attractive edges, stability and strength makes it the product of choice for many demanding applications . that affect the physical and mechanical properties of plywood are the density of the wood, species of trees, type of adhesives, thickness of the veneer, number of plies, and the temperature at which the veneer was dried. Walls Slabs Columns Elements and blocks Curved surfaces 3. Material properties applied for birch plywood of one ply sheet Fig. PLYWOOD - BIRCH Botanical Name: Betula Alleghaniensis Common Names: American birch, Quebec birch, Hard birch, Silver birch, and Swamp birch Sources: Grows in Canada and eastern United States. Birch Plywood has beautiful grains, excellent textures and durable properties. iPack Timbmet’s online ordering system for Packs and Mini Packs. KoskiPly Birch surface is natural, […] Grading is given as the two outer faces of the plywood, in the format of front/back. 4 [12] are summarized in Table 1. Birch plywood is ideal for making furniture, cabinet, flooring, joinery and shop fitting . High shock resistance, bending and … Due to its light, smooth and even surface WISA-Birch offers an optimal base for different overlaying methods. Baltic Birch grades The grading for Baltic Birch is established by the Russian intergovernmental standard GOST 3916.1-96. Tropical hardwood throughout plywood from one of the largest producers in Malaysia from legitimate well managed forests. Marine Plywood is specifically manufactured to thrive in water. The multiple veneers which make up this plywood, increase its structural stability as well as offering a first-class face finish. For further information, please refer to our Environment Page. Physical Properties: Heavy, hard, strong, and stiff. Reddish brown heartwood and light-yellow sapwood. It is perfectly made to be laser cut and engraved. Birch plywood is among the strongest and most stable of all plywoods, but it is unsuitable for exterior use. Face veneer qualities as per SFS 2413 (Quality requirements for appearance of plywood with outer plies of birch). Riga Superwire. A number of subspecies of birch exist, and are commonly known as Gray, Yellow, Black, White and Red Birch. Birch Plywood. Here you’ll find an in-depth guide to all of the top Birch Plywood properties. For instance, baltic birch with a “B/BB” grade would have a B grade front ply, and a BB grade back ply. The unique core construction of Russian Birch gives it a reputation for having an aesthetically pleasing edge and being practically void free. Birch Plywood is used for interior finishing in construction, the production of wooden consumer goods, as well as in the furniture, packaging and boat building industries. Due to its superb properties, uncoated WISA birch plywood is widely used in the demanding vehicle, shipbuilding, construction and furniture industries. Surface. BBS Timbers Birch Ply is one of the best interior plywood panels on the market. Birch plywood is widely used in the furniture industry due to its aesthetic properties, durability and easy handling. Birch plywood has excellent dimensional stability under heat, far superior to that of metals and plastics. Hardwood plywood is characterized by excellent strength and stiffness properties, and therefore it performs very well in applications demanding high strength and rigidity. The solutions were manufactured from BirchUp panels, which combine birch plywood and sawn birch. Similar to Exterior Glued Birch Plywood, the selection of mills and suppliers is crucial to the consistency of quality for our range of Interior Glued Birch panels. Birch plywood with 2 or 3 mm cork-rubber composite material used as the core to improve acoustic properties and protection against noise and to damp vibration. It is assumed that the ply has the same properties as sawn wood material. Birch plywood is strong and there are few materials that can compare when it comes to its weight to strength ratio. Three principal axes of wood with respect to grain direction and growth rings. Birch plywood is used as a structural material in the manufacturing of upholstered furniture, shelves, cabinets, worktops.

birch plywood properties

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