It is currently not possible to do this directly on the website, however, there are a number of external sites that allow you to do this based on OpenStreetMap data. If you are asking if one can use OpenStreetMap to get directions from A to B, then the answer is yes and no. This allows the routing to be performed quickly after a modest one-off pre-processing stage. There's now also Leaflet, which is built with mobile devices in mind.. There is a Quick Start Guide for leaflet. Combine the Map Suite World Streets, Map Suite Routing and the Routing Index generator to create stunning basemaps with routing capabilities. It stands under the Apache License and is build on a large test suite. Dijkstra and A* but also optimized road routing algorithms like Contraction Hierarchies. This router uses a routing algorithm that takes OSM format data as its input and calculates either the shortest or quickest route between two points. OpenStreetMap is directly supported from GraphHopper. Parameter Usage Example. Valhalla also includes tools like time+distance matrix computation, isochrones, elevation sampling, map matching and tour optimization (Travelling Salesman). Name. The OpenStreetMap data used by the routing engine are updated regularly. E.g. Each ones name contains relevant words like 'open', 'service', 'route', etc. To optimise the routing a custom database format is used. OpenStreetMap is built by a community of mappers that contribute and maintain data about roads, trails, cafés, railway stations, and much more, all over the world. This was too much and the name OsmSharp didn’t make sense anymore. As there are already a number of route services using OSM data it becomes more difficult to find a suitable application/project name. GraphHopper (using OpenStreetMap Data) GraphHopper offers memory efficient algorithms in Java for routing on graphs. Valhalla is an open source routing engine and accompanying libraries for use with OpenStreetMap data. Besides basic features such as markers, with plugins it also supports routing using an external service.. For a simple map, it is IMHO easier and faster to set up than OpenLayers, yet fully configurable and tweakable for more complex uses. World Map Kit SDK is an excellent choice for your basemaps that you can host offline and is based on OpenStreetMap , a crowd-sourced dataset that is frequently updated by thousands of contributors. For example by car, you want to use the fastest route and in fact use longer but faster roads, as well as respecting constraints such as one-ways. Routing servers are sponsored by OpenStreetMap and an anonymous donor. OsmSharp used to do everything on top of what it does today, including routing and rendering geo data. The following example shows how to create an OSM plugin instance with parameters supplied for an useragent, and if necessary, a custom server url plus the corresponding copyright information for the tile provider. Additionally, it is possible to choose another routing server than the public osrm one. Geofabrik routing service offers the car routing profile and supports in addition to the normal route API call also the API calls for map matching, matrix requests and route optimisation. Now the old functionality has been replaced by several seperate projects: OsmSharp: Working with OSM-data, filtering, transforming. ... osrm-dataset available and can use this in combination with using OSRM via Node.js bindings to provide a powerful routing application. QML
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